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Sinus Buster Inhaler was made to bust open your sinuses with a special blend of essential oils that help shrink inflammation and open sinus passages so you can start breathing better right away.


Focus Inhaler


Focus inhaler will help with mental alertness and memory retention. Great for studying or when you have a hard time concentrating. use this product by itself or try with our Clear Minded essential oil.

Rated 5.00 out of 5

I'm Wounded Creme is an amazing healing blend for almost anything you can imagine! Sure, it is a great all natural remedy for cuts, burns and bruises.  It also treats infected wounds, radiation treatments, and open sores.  It's effectiveness at healing scars, diaper rash, and healing the scarring from rosacea skin are impressive as well. But many women LOVE IT because it works wonders on stretch marks! Have you been told it wasn't possible, or you'd have to have expensive treatments? We're here to tell you that I'm Wounded Creme is SO effective at healing the skin that it will also heal your stretch marks if applied to them regularly. Buy it 'for the kids' but use it for yourself, you won't regret it! Speaking of kids, they love this creme because it doesn't burn or sting when applied on an open wound or cut and it's made with all natural, soothing ingredients.  

All Natural Skin Care

Vanish Blemish Stick

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Vanish Blemish Stick starts to heal those nasty creatures on contact. With essential ingredients to help reduce inflammation, calm down irritated skin, and help heal the infected area fast without drying or causing cracking to the skin so you can be ready to take on the world. This product is great for any age from teen acne to adult breakouts. 0.5oz stick