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All Natural Skin Care

I’m On Vacation SPF 15 & 30


This is the SPF you have been looking for. All natural ingredients with a natural SPF derived from cinnamon leaf and a blend of essential oils that help protect and heal your skin from a sunburn. 4oz bottle, Comes in SPF 15 and SPF 30 Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to keep skin healthy and young looking, Be Wise, Tan Wise!  

Sun Protection/Outdoor

Insect Repellent Stop Bugging Me!


This is the best natural insect repellent around for those outdoor, backwoods adventure type people who want something that is not sticky or tacky feeling -- just moisturized, bug free happiness. Oh yeah, that's right it's all natural. Mosquitos, bothersome bugs, and black flies can't stand it! But you will definitely love it. Use on the whole family from baby to adults even the dog.

Body Care Kits

Happy Camper Kit


Be the happiest camper around this season with our Happy Camper Kit it contains all you need for the great outdoors and even indoors, it all comes in a drawstring bag to take with you anywhere. Save $20 dollars when you purchase this kit. Kit Contains: SPF 15 or 30 (specify in message box when checking out which SPF you would like) I'm wounded cream, Poison ivy potion, 4 oz Stop bugging me, Revitaleyes eye drops, Quench lipbalm and Infection essential oil in a drawstring bag

Body Care Kits

Bummin On The Beach


When you're bummin' on the beach or hangin' in the yard, be ready for the outdoor elements with this all natural skin and sun care kit. It contains all you need for outdoor fun in the sun and it all comes in a drawstring bag -- ready to go whenever you are. A $66.00 dollar value for $55.00!

Sun Protection/Outdoor

Infection Essential Oil


If you have a cut, burn, rash, ingrown hair, or any type of topical infection, works great for tooth infection (rub 1 drop on location) use infection blend and in just a couple of days or even hours you will notice a major difference. 5ml bottle (approximately 125-130 drops per bottle) When using therapeutic grade essential oils less is more!

Sun Protection/Outdoor

Purify Essential Oil


Purify was designed for breathing problems, this blend helps open air passages for asthema sufferers, great for removing odors out of the air, bug repellent, It kills molds, fungus, bacteria, and alleviates sinus infections, It will also help purify the skin from toxins. I couldn't live without it! 5ml bottle approximately 125-130 drops per bottle. when using theraputic grade essential oils less is more!How to use oil / Application: use 1-2 drops in hand, rub hands together in a clockwise motion at least 3 times,apply on chest, under arms, over liver, bottom of feet, inhale. use dailyEssential Oils Lemongrass, Citronella, Lavandin, Tea Tree, Neouli, Rosemary, Clove, Myrtle, Petitgrain