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Personal Care Products

Freshen Up Natural Breath Spray


Freshen Up Breath Spray has the same great taste as our Nature's Smile toothpaste because it is the base of our toothpaste before we add the additional ingredients to make it nature's smile. Freshen Up healthy breath spray leaves your mouth fresh, clean, and moisturized with essential ingredients that kill germs and leaves your breath fresh with a moisturized film free feeling. If you have a canker sore, or infected gum, spray on location. we also make this same blend for pets. check it out on our mino's pet care page. 1oz bottle  

Sun Protection/Outdoor

Insect Repellent Stop Bugging Me!


This is the best natural insect repellent around for those outdoor, backwoods adventure type people who want something that is not sticky or tacky feeling -- just moisturized, bug free happiness. Oh yeah, that's right it's all natural. Mosquitos, bothersome bugs, and black flies can't stand it! But you will definitely love it. Use on the whole family from baby to adults even the dog.

Natural Pet Care

Digest It Enzymes for Pets


Digest It is a digestive enzyme supplement to help break down the protein, carbohydrates and fat in the body. Digestive enzymes diminish with age and food gets harder to break down. Digest It will help ease bloating, and help with indigestion so you feel better. Remember a healthy diet is the key to good digestion and Digest It helps with natural enzymes to keep you feeling healthy. This blend comes in powder form for pets (check it out on our supplement page for people, 90 capsules).  


Digestion and parasite essential oil blend was created to help all over digestive health and remove parasites from your pet. 5ml bottle


Mino's Miracle Ear Drops for infections and ear mites is made with herbal ingredients  in a base of organic olive oil specially designed to treat ear infections and ear mites without the side effects of prescription drugs or the health risks associated with commercial synthetic pesticides. Mino's Miracle ear blend can provide safe effective relief for your pet's ear problems and helps to prevent the spread of mites from one pet to another. Treat ear infections in dogs, cats, and other pets, treat ear mite infestation, reduce inflammation of the ears, reduce pain, itching, discomfort, and prevent constant scratching of ears. 2oz bottle

Natural Pet Care

Healthy Pet Care Supplement


Mino's Miracle Healthy Pet Supplement powder is made to supply adequate vitamins and minerals to your pets diet.  this mixture is rich in b vitamins, iron, calcium, lecithin ( for linoleic acid, choline, and inositol, kelp rich in calcium and trace minerals which help your pet emulsify and absorb fats, improving the condition of the coat. the purpose of this supplement is to help fortify the diet with plenty of important vitamins and minerals which unfortunately are often inadequately  represented even in fresh foods today because of loss during storage, cooking, soil depletion and fast growing methods.


I'm Wounded Creme for Pets is the same great product that we have for us (humans) with a different label. I'm Wounded Creme for Pets helps heal hot spots, open wounds, infected wounds, cuts, cracks, and burns. I use this on my Jack Russell for itchy skin or dry pads. Won't hurt them if they lick it.  

Natural Pet Care

Mouth Spray for Pets


Mino's Miracle mouth spray promote oral health inside the mouth supporting healthy teeth, gums, and tongue, Minos miracle mouth spray contains ingredients to promote healthy levels of bacteria in the mouth. A quick spray 2 - 3 times daily will naturally support bacteria-regulating mechanisms in your pets mouth. mino's mouth spray can be used at the first signs of bad breath to address unplesant ordors quickly and effectively without side effects. Encourage overall oral health, support healthy levels of bacteria, promote fresh pleasant pet breath.


Holistic Healer has provided a product line that is made with the best ingredients nature has to offer for your pet. Mahi's Mayhem Natural flea collar is made of natural cotton and essential oils to repel fleas, mosquitoes, flies, gnats. Contains: One 5ml bottle essential oil, natural cotton collar, and a tin to store it in.


Mino;s Miracle Soap Bar is handcrafted with only the purest natural ingredients and was created to help elevate dry skin, itching, and keep bugs away with natural healing therapeutic essential oils and herbs.Application; use bar and lather your pets coat, rinse. use when needed.Ingredients: Shea butter, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Castor oil, Vegetable glycerin, Sodium hydroxide, Rosemary extract, Vitamin E, Citrus seed extract and a blend of essential oils.Read about pet health from our blog