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Holistic Healer & Wellness was developed by Stacey Sanchez, a Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine.  Dr. Sanchez has practiced in the Wellness & Spa industry for over 30 years and has combined her expertise of the Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Esthetics, and Body Care modalities to create Holistic Healer's full line of products.  Holistic Healer was developed as an alternative for natural body care, skin care, personal care, and overall health.

How did Holistic Healer come to be?   

Several years ago, a friend came to Stacey with concerns for her 6 month old child with severe eczema all over her little body. Medical doctors could only recommend a steroid cream as the answer.  This 'solution' did not sit well with the parents or Stacey. The idea of any newly born child using steroids, possibly their entire life, just couldn't be right.  This led Stacey to start researching some over the counter products for treatment, and was shocked when she realized what kinds of ingredients were used to formulate so many common products.  Toxins, chemicals, carcinogens, and synthetic, harsh chemicals.  These ingredients can irritate the skin and even cause severe skin conditions.  The skin is the body's largest organ.  It functions like a giant sponge-so the foods we eat, the products we use, the air we breathe, and even the environment we live in effects our daily health from the time we are born.  Now fully aware, Stacey was able to create a product to treat that 6 month old's eczema. She then started making holistic products for herself, family, and clients.  When anyone came to her with a problem, she'd search for an alternative healing therapy and would then create a product with natural and healthy ingredients. The response she received was amazing! This led Dr. Sanchez to develop what has become Holistic Healer & Wellness today - A full line of Body, Skin, Beauty, and Personal Care, Herbal Supplements and Teas, and even Pet Care products. As word continues to spread, we keep adding to our natural, healthy, holistic product lines.

What makes Holistic Healer products so different and special?

Holistic Healer maintains an uncompromising dedication to creating truly healthy, natural products.  We use only the highest quality ingredients including therapeutic grade essential oils, organic and wildcrafted herbs, extracts, and skin nourishing botanicals.

What we never use:

Synthetic colors, fragrances, animal products, or chemically based preservatives. Our products incorporate a holistic approach that supports the body's natural inherent wisdom and it's abilities to balance itself through the use of herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, therapeutic grade essential oils, and botanical based ingredients that are only found in Mother Nature's 'medicine cabinet'. Dr. Sanchez is truly passionate about her work, and can always be heard saying: Please be aware, and take care!


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Holistic Healer & Wellness values your patronage, trust, and friendship and as always, we welcome every opportunity to have your comments and suggestions regarding our products and any aspect of your experience with us. We invite your feedback to know how we are doing, and what we can do to assure that we are providing the highest quality products and services that we can. To share your thoughts with us, please contact us at We thank you for your time, attention, and assistance.


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