Aromatherapy Lullaby Bunny


These handmade stuffed bunnies are great for any age from baby to adult and  they come with our relax essential oil so you can apply it on the bunny and yourself to relax, destress, calm the nerves, and have a good night sleep. Each bunny is unique just like you, they very in shape and size and pattern print.

This is the Lullaby Bunny adoption page

Here is where you pick out the bunny you want to adopt once you have purchased and adopted your bunny we send them to there forever home with adoption papers so you can name your bunny and get them settled in. We will send you information where you can send us a picture of you and your adopted bunny. You will be able to upload pictures and videos to share the great adventures you and your bunny go on!

Bunnies will be added as other bunnies get adopted

Floppy and Corey are the Holistic Healer bunnies and they will be warching to see what their friends are up to