Natural Pain Relief

At Holistic Healer, we believe in the power of plants! We are dedicated to only utilizing the natural medicinal properties that provide Mother Earth. We never use any toxins, chemicals, carcinogens, fragrances, animal products or synthetics meaning our products are so safe you can use them on newborn babies.

We only use the best ingredients including aromatherapeutic essential oils, organic and wildcrafted herbs, extracts, and skin-nourishing botanicals. Always naturally and responsibly sourced. Explore our natural pain relief cream and supplements below.

Best Cream For Lower Back Pain

Relief Whipped Body Cream

If you are looking for the best pain relief cream for joint pain or the best muscle pain relief cream, look no further! This blend of methyl salicylate (wintergreen), clove, peppermint, and helichrysum will relieve any arthritis pain, sore muscles, reduce inflammation, bone pain, muscle spasms, sprains, and headaches. This cream is so safe you can also use it on your pets if they are experiencing any pain or discomfort.

To relieve pain simply take a small amount and do a muscle rub or massage on location where you feel aches and pains. The wintergreen in the blend will create a cooling sensation similar to the topical pain relief tiger balm. For the full list of active ingredients in this natural pain relief cream recipe click here.

Natural Supplements For Pain Relief

ArthritEase Natural Pain Relief Supplement

If you are not a fan of topical pain relievers or creams and gels this supplement will help reduce inflammation and alleviate your pain just as effectively. The supplements are composed of herbs and important nutrients that your system might be lacking causing your soreness and swelling.

Cir Q Flo Supplement For Circulation

If you suffer from poor circulation this supplement has Graviola, Fenugreek, Broccoli seed, Red clover, Alfalfa seed, Spinach, and Beet root which help support the body’s cardiovascular and circulatory function by reducing calcification in the arteries and veins. Combine your physical therapy with this supplement and our salve recipe and replace your affliction with benediction.

Natural Pain Relief Trio

This trifecta includes our Relief Herbal Tea, Dead Sea Bath Salts, and Relief Whipped Body Cream. This trio is the ultimate recipe for self-care and pain relief. Just what the holistic doctor ordered!

Make yourself some tea with our special herbal blend, draw yourself a warm bath and pour some of our Dead Sea Bath Salts and after your bath apply some Whipped Body Butter Pain Relief Cream and you will be in the clouds.

Trust In The Power Of Plants

At Holistic Healer, we believe if you are experiencing some sort of discomfort it is stemmed from a deeper situation. Everything in the body is intimately interconnected so we like addressing the root of the problem and not just the symptom.

Our founder, Dr. Stacey Sanchez has been practicing naturopathic medicine for over 20 years. Dr. Sanchez has been advocating for the magical properties of the Earth through Holistic Healer’s full line of products.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us and we will assist you with anything you need.