Lipbalm Quench & I'm Wounded Cream

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This little set contains 2 of the best products to always have with you!

Set contains 1/2 oz I'm Wounded Cream and Quench Lipbalm

I'm Wounded Cream is an amazing Natural Wound Care Cream blend for almost anything you can imagine! Sure, it is a great all natural remedy for cuts, burns and bruises.  It also has been used for infected wounds, radiation treatments, and open sores with great results.  It's effectiveness at helping with scars, diaper rash, and the scarring from rosacea skin are impressive as well.

Many women have reported it helps with stretch marks!

Have you been told it wasn't possible, or you'd have to have expensive treatments? We're here to tell you that I'm Wounded Cream is SO effective at helping with healing of the skin that it may help diminish fine lines if applied to them regularly. (Results very per individual) Buy it 'for the kids' but use it for yourself, you won't regret it!

Speaking of kids, they love this cream because it doesn't burn or sting when applied on an open cut and it's made with all natural, soothing ingredients.

You can even use this all natural wound care cream on your pet if you notice they have some irritation or injury.  It is also sold in our Pets Section if you'd rather get them their own.  I'm Wounded Cream is safe for everyone in the house, without the worry of antibiotic resistance developing.

Quench Lip Balm Soothes, heals, and hydrates your lips as soon as you apply it. You will feel the cooling, healing effect of essential oils used in this blend. Once you use quench lip balm you won't use anything else! If you get very dry cracked lips or fever blisters try Heal lipbalm for fast relief.