Reed Diffuser Clear Minded

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Our reed diffusers are convenient & Long Lasting! Lasts for months, No flame required. Lasting all day & night. the reeds only need to be flipped over once or twice a week. Complete set includes: Clear Glass Bottle, 8oz bottle filled with oil, a bundle of reeds in a travel bag great for gifting.  8oz
Clear Minded was created to help focus and clear the mind. use to put the mind in a clear, calm state, get for meditation, Helps with concentration and to retain information. use throughout the day at work or school to help focus on the big picture.
  • Japanese peppermint known for warming and cooling properties 
  • Frankincense promote feelings of relaxation, peace, and overall wellness
  • Cardamom calming and soothing

Smells like

Minty l Earthy


How it works: Add liquid to glass jar, insert reeds allow liquid to soak into reeds and flip over. you can flip reeds once or twice a week for best results.
Keep liquid away from childern and pets.